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We strive to make every experience thrilling and unique for each person. We have a deep respect for those who have served, and whether it's to bring back memories, honor those who have passed, or inspire a new passion, we try to make a personal connection with each client.

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"​On Saturday the 13th of April, 2024, I visited the Legacy Chapter of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Museum in Hampton, GA near Atlanta. I’d been planning this visit for a while, and it greatly exceeded my expectations. I’ve never met a group of more genuine people. Everyone I met there was welcoming, gracious, experienced, and knowledgeable...."


Steve Cox

Cobra POV Flight

Huey POV Flight

Videos by Steve Cox with additional content provided by @Epicaviation47

What's It Like to Fly In These Aircraft?

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) is a national, one-of-a-kind non-profit all-volunteer organization composed of over 1,000 Veterans, their families, and civilian supporters. The AAHF is acting to connect the American soldier to the American public as an active, accepted, and admired member of the American family by presenting the story of Army Aviation. Several AAHF aircraft have actual combat experience such as several of our UH-1H "Hueys" which have years of combat experience in Vietnam. Ed Clark, President and CEO in 2015 explains.