--05/21/2018 Jackson, MS Trail of Honor
Hello guys, I am doing the www.RFTW.us again this year. Riding for those who can’t. It is a mission, not a casual ride. We are 500 strong, so imagine the logistics of moving a battalion across the country. Everything is timed and organized. We stop at cemetery’s, VA hospitals, Elementary Schools, Churches, monuments and memorials. We ride with heart! We ride two bike lengths away from the bike in front of us with a bike staggered to our side; mostly with police escorts. When we entered Mississippi, we had 2 Cobra gunships, 2 Huey helicopters, 1 medivac chopper and 1 fixed wing spotter plane escort us from the air to Jackson MS. Oh yea, we also had over 30 motorcycle state troopers. Imagine what people along the interstate must have thought. It is a mission I will always treasure and I am so glad none of our names are in the Wall. All the best to you men and women this Memorial Day. It is the 30th year they have done this Run for the Wall. It is my 50th anniversary of the year I went to Vietnam --- Goose

--04/28/2018 Denton, NC
Great ride!!!!!!! Road twice!! Very well organized!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Great people to deal with!!!! Keep 'em flying!!!! --- Anthony

--04/28/2018 Wings Over Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC
My family attended the Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show this past Saturday, and my 7 year old daughter and I took a ride in one of the Hueys. The experience for both of us couldn't have been better. The staff, former pilots and aircrew, were completely squared away and coordinated the ride for all the riders as efficiently as possible. I thought the fare for what we got was reasonable, and the fact that it goes to maintaining these aircraft makes it even better. As a fan of history, I'm ecstatic that I got this opportunity and thankful there are people out there maintaining these treasures. --- Tom Finley

--04/28/2018 Wings Over Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC
What an AMAZING opportunity for my 11 year old daughter and myself! I'm so very thankful that she will always have this memory...her very 1st time in the air, in a Huey! Thank you all for your service and for your continuing education to the public. --- Beverly Cantrell

--04/21/2018 Ride Event Tara Field Hampton, Ga
Last Saturday, my wife and I had the great pleasure to ride the Huey at Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Museum in Hampton. This was an amazing experience! As amazing as this was, it was a great honor to talk to a couple of Vietnam Veterans before the flight. One shared that he served as crew chief/gunner and this was his first time back on a Huey since 1969. The other veteran shared his story of getting shot after only 6 months in-country and spending the next 8 months in the hospital. It was an honor to meet these brave men and hear some of their Vietnam experiences. I am truly grateful for their sacrifices. Through the AAHF I have a better idea about the experience of flying, but more importantly a greater appreciation of our Vietnam Veterans. --- Robert D Heffner

--04/21/2018 Ride Event Tara Field Hampton, Ga
I was a Platoon Sargent in Vietnam in 1968, unit 2/28 Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Many times our unit was involved in enemy contact and we often relied on Huey gunships and Cobra gunships to provide critical fire support. As a grunt, we often survived and were able to do our job in large part due to the gunship support. I have always held these pilots, their dedication and sense of duty in high esteem. Of course, seeing and hearing those gunships come in on a "gun-run" was awesome. On April 21st, 2018, I had the opportunity to fly in a Cobra at Tara Field in Hampton Georgia, home the Army Aviation Heritage Foundations, The Legacy Chapter. How could a Vietnam Era Infantryman pass up an opportunity to ride in the front seat of an AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopter? I couldn't. However, I did not know what to expect. What I found was the flight, the people, the overall experience to be fantastic! The best part is when you realize that the spirit of brotherhood and duty that was alive in 1968 Vietnam is still alive and you can experience it at Tara Field with the "Sky Soldiers ". Thanks Guys for a Super Day! --- Roy R Jones

--04/21/2018 WWII Heritage Days Peachtree City, GA
My son and his girlfriend were going to the "WWII Heritage Days" Saturday, so my wife and I decided to go with them. Great weather for flying and spectating. We were walking among the aircraft and made it to the Army Aviation site where Fred noticed my Route 66 cap and told us about his trip down Route 66 with a friend. The subject turned to aviation and Fred suggested a flight in a helicopter. So, my wife and son signed up for the Huey flight. I decided to ride the Cobra. Freddie, the Cobra pilot, was great! We did a few mock strafing runs at a small race track and the sights below and on the horizon were spectacular! All the volunteers were very enthusiastic and helpful with all questions. After my wife and son returned from their Huey flight, we had some discussion and my wife signed up for a Cobra flight too! She thoroughly enjoyed her flight with Freddie. The "LZ" (Landing Zone) chief, Jim, was a super guy taking time to snap a few pictures with Freddie, my wife and me. Fantastic! We enjoyed our flights! --- John and Jane

--04/06/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
As a Vietnam veteran the sound of the Huey always brought back memories of my time in country. I have been to many airshows that had Huey rides available, but I never could get the nerve to get aboard. This last April 6th my wife and I had the opportunity to ride in the right gunners position at the Titusville airshow. I will admit I was a bit nervous at first but you all did an excellent job with everything and we had a wonderful time. I thank you all very much. You made this 70 year olds heart feel better. I hope you and your organization are around for many more years so I will be able to fly with you again someday. Thanks for keeping the those birds flying, the dedication and skill that your organization has is heartwarming and makes me proud to Support you and other veteran groups. --- Robert Henningsen

--04/08/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
If you have ever thought about doing this, DO IT!!!
Truly a "life experience!" Here's why:

As a retired tactical law-enforcement helicopter pilot/instructor, a recently retired airline pilot (30 yrs), and nearly 30,000 flight hours, I thought I was DONE FLYING!! I boxed up my flight gear, boots and all, and shoved it to the back of the closet! But then, I met the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, their COO Fred Edwards and Chief Pilot Mike Holland. Graciously, they accepted my application to become a "Lifetime Member," and soon after I was strapping into the front seat of my dream machine, the AH-1F Cobra. In the command seat behind me was Bruce Whitley, my AAHF Demonstration Pilot, as well as a seasoned former Army Cobra pilot and flight instructor pilot. And off we went, on an extended Cobra flight that was probably the most fun flying I've had in the past 30 years! Bruce gave me a great workout, demonstrating the awesome capability of this Cobra, America's first attack helicopter. There is a saying amongst aviators about a "pilot being 'at one' with their aircraft." There was a time, long ago, when I had that with the OH-6/MD-500D. Today, I marveled at Bruce and his "magic" with the Cobra! He is awesome! The absolute professional; a credit to and a reflection of the AAHF, their standards and their mission of preserving the heritage of Army Aviation. It was a fantastic flight, ending way too soon, but not before Bruce was able to demonstrate to this rusty ol' bucket (me) a thing or two about the capabilities of the Cobra! It was a "LIFE EXPERIENCE" that words fall short in trying to describe. I can only encourage and highly recommend, to anyone and everyone that's thought about doing this, to seize this opportunity for a most "EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE" a person can have!! As a new member with the AAHF, I look forward to my retirement years with a whole new perspective, and to be a productive part of a fantastic organization with wonderful people, all dedicated to a great mission! My heartfelt thanks go to Fred, Col. Mike, Jim, Wes, Art, Bill, George, Kristal, and of course, Bruce!! Hoping to see y'all again soon! --- Capt. Jim McClary, SWA (Ret.)

--04/08/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
I had the opportunity to ride in the Cobra with pilot Wes Davis. One of my bucket list items checked off. Great pilot, excellent experience and all around best time in the air. Worth every penny to support this group. If you get a chance, take it. You will be grinning from ear to ear during the ride and days after. Wes is the man, flies like a pro and very accommodating to every question I could throw at him. Wes, thank you for your service!!! Just do it!! --- Eric Kuenzli

--04/08/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
AAHF made my lifelong dream a reality! The staff, pilots, and aircraft are phenomenal. I was asked If I would like to have a ride, my response was "Hell Yeah"! My AH-1F Cobra driver, Wes Davis, was outstanding, a mesmerizing flight. I also enjoyed my comms with him in the cockpit. My ride in the living legend UH-1 Huey and her Vietnam Veteran pilots just blew me away! You can feel the love they have of the aircraft in the way they fly, they are one. I'll be back next time for anther ride; you bet! An experience like no other. --- Daniel Vercillo

--04/08/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
First of all, the airshow in general was amazing, but the ride in the Huey was the icing on the cake. Great team and very professional. As I'm prior military (US Navy), I had fun mixing it up with the staff. This is a must experience for anyone into aviation. I'll be back next year for a ride in the Cobra. Thanks guys for the fun, see you next year! --- Les Dillon

--04/07/2018 Space Coast Warbird AirShow Titusville, FL
I went to Spacecoast Airshow and was a front seater in AH1 Cobra Gunship; it was worth every dollar. My pilot was Wes Davis and he was incredible. Being an Army veteran this was on my bucket list, and I will never forget this thrilling experience! --- David Flannery

--03/20/2018 Ride Event Tara Field Hampton Ga
Jan & I want to thank ALL the AAHF group for a wonderful day at Hampton Saturday which was pending on the weather, but it cleared up that afternoon for a great day. We enjoyed the lunch and visiting around the hanger talking to everyone and especially to Joe Wade who answered a lot of questions on Army Aviators Uniforms that I am in process of putting together for a museum. The Huey Rides were GREAT -- all three and thanks to Fred, Jim, Fig, and Ike, to name a few, for making it all happen as I got my #68-#69-#70 Huey Ride with the SKY SOLDIERS. Thanks to all for what you do and again thanks for a wonderful Huey Day and keep em flying. --- Marvin & Jan West

--03/3/2018 Annual Meeting Ride Event
Debbie and I rode both the Huey (104) and Cobra (283) on Saturday March 3rd. Wonderful weather, outstanding rides. Couldn't have spent a better day anywhere else. Looking forward to the next ride event and do it all over again. Thanks to a great group of people! --- Joe & Debbie Stewart

--02/10/2018 George Walton Academy
To say you guys scored a hit is not enough.....you knocked it out of the park. Kids, teachers, staff, other veterans....all loved the Huey and the Nam vets onboard. --- Pete Mecca

--02/10/2018 George Walton Academy
The fly-in and landing today at George Walton Academy was phenomenal – everything about it was special! We could not have imagined the impact it would have on us. After having immersed ourselves in the study of the Vietnam War for a few weeks and having heard various veterans’ stories about the significance of the Huey Helicopter to the war, the “whirr” of the chopper today was an exciting (and for some, emotional) experience. One student, with tears in her eyes, spoke about how incredible the day was and how the two hours you were with us just flew by. A colleague remarked, “This is what you call “hands-on learning.” Please let the crew know how much we appreciate their spending a Friday afternoon with us. Though they may never know the impact they had on the students, we teachers would bet that they touched a few lives! Again, thanks a million (and more) for an awesome day! --- Jo and Karen

--11/30 AH-1F Cobra Ride
As an aging Vietnam Cobra pilot (D Trp, 3/4 Cav, 25 ID, Centaur 46, '70-'71) I had a thrilling trip down memory lane in Hampton, GA on 28 Nov 2017. My sons gave me the gift of an extended ride in the Sky Soldiers' AH-1F Cobra. Piloted by highly experienced and professional COL (Ret) Mike Holland we did evasion maneuvers enroute to the "target" area, rocket and gun runs using a variety of attack patterns, several other maneuvers that demonstrate the capability of the Cobra, and shared getting-better-with-age war stories all during the flight. Definitely brought back memories of my almost 900 hours of combat time in the AH-1G Cobra. Before and after the ride I had the opportunity to meet several of the dedicated volunteers who are lovingly maintaining and restoring the Hueys, Cobras, and LOHs at their hangar in Hampton. A great team who are fully in to their mission of preserving and telling the story of the Sky Soldiers who have so proudly served their country. I strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation provides to experience the history of the Sky Soldiers. --- COL Hugh "Sandy" McLeod, US Army (Ret).

--11/20 Warbirds Over Monroe
See video: Our Flight
THANK YOU!!! First Huey ride...
I missed my calling in life... --- D. Miller

--11/16 School helicopter tour
Thank you all once again for making the General Ray Davis Middle School Veterans Day celebration something memorable for our students.I know General Ray Davis would be amazed. His granddaughter spoke to our kids that day and was amazed at all the special things you all do for our students. His great grandchildren also attend our school and enjoyed touring the helicopter along with their classmates. The most special moments were seeing the eyes of our special needs students who were just mesmerized by the helicopter tour. We hope that you can join us once again next year. Thanks again for all you have done over the years for us!!! --- Katy K.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
Today at the Stuart air show, I rode in one of the many Hueys that fly for the army aviation group, and had an amazing experience!!! It was my first time riding in a helicopter, and I was a bit nervous about the safety of the trip, but noticed the importance of the safety of the passengers during the flight. The crew chief was very nice, and it was an unforgatble experience. Absolutely worth the cost, and would highly recommend this to anyone! --- John B.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
What a GREAT experience and worth every penny! I took my granddaughter for a ride on the UH-1 Huey helicopter this year and it is an experience that the both of us will never forget! While I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I can tell you that the flight was more than I expected; having the chance to experience a few different maneuvers and seeing the sights with 'doors wide open' was AMAZING!! Thank you for offering such a GREAT opportunity! I will do this again! --- Doreen

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
I had an opportunity to take a ride on both the Huey and the Cobra at the Stuart Air Show. Without a doubt, a more professional group of individuals you will never find. Everything was very organized and orchestrated... it was obvious that safety was paramount with providing a quality experience very close in second. Having worked in the aviation world for several years I would recommend this experience to anyone.....and every one. --- Dudley C.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
1st time riders... AMAZING!!! The sound and feel of the propellers power is indescribable! The staff is great, not only informative and efficient, but entertaining! Would go again in a heart beat! Thanks to all the pilots, especially those that served! --- Maggi R.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
I really enjoyed my flight on the Huey in Stuart, Florida. It was my very first flight in a helicopter and I wanted some connection to the warriors who rode these chariots into war. I’m grateful for these warriors and you will never be forgotten. To the pilots of these chariots, you were pioneers in a new type of warfare and you should be proud. THANK YOU to all who make this experience a reality. --- Emilio I.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
Just awesome, as a Vietnam history buff riding on a Huey was literally going back in history. Excellent job by all the LZ staff and crew. My 14 year old godson was as thrilled and excited as I was. --- Edgar C.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
The Huey ride was great!! The Florida coastline is amazing to see from a doors-off ride and I think everyone should try this! Thanks for making it available to all to experience! --- Chase N.

--11/3 Stuart Air Show
Had the pleasure of my first helicopter ride with your organization. I have three children and all are in the service, have enlisted or are getting ready to enlist. My youngest confirmed his decision after the ride. Everyone that prepared us for our experience was professional and knowledgeable. The money I spent on this ride was not only worth the experience but it also gave me a new appreciation of what our country's service personnel have gone through in any conflict we have entered. Thank you to your organization! Proud to be an American! --- Brian P.

--2017 - Tellus Heavy Metal Day
Thank you for being at the Tellus Museums “Heavy Metal in Motion” event. My grandson, Andy, was thrilled beyond belief! He has watched the Huey’s prep and take-off video about 50 times – no kidding. Admittedly, I enjoyed the first three or four times, too. During WWII, I had a T-shirt with "Keep 'Em Flying" printed hundreds of time on it. I didn't grasp the significance at the time; now I do. ---

--10/26 My Great Ride!
The Huey ride was the event of the year. The sharp left and right turns over the trees vividly showed scenes like I have seen in Viet Nam movies and clearly demonstrated the reality of what it would be like to be shot at as well as be shooting from the helicopter during times of war. The fierce wind and nearby engine noises while sitting in the gunner's position were sensational. My father served in Viet Nam. This ride brought his reality to me 50 years later! ---George W.

--10/23 Wings Over North Georgia Airshow
This was a very special day for me. I am a Vietnam Veteran who took his first ride in the front seat of a Huey Cobra gunship in 1969. My second ride was yesterday at the Wings Over North Georgia air show. John Woodard and Wes Davis made sure that my day was special. They made my ride perfect! Thanks guys! I'll see you again in Hampton! ---L. Collins

--10/21 Wings Over North GA
This old Vietnam Vet wanted his son and granddaughter to experience a ride in a “slick” as I have so many times 48 years ago. At Wings Over North Georgia last weekend your Air Soldiers gave them the ride of a lifetime in the gunner’s well of the Huey. Great bunch of professionals. My son, a Superior Court Judge, is not easily impressed. But these guys did a great job of flying and put them on a great show with a lot of humor and style. Thanks for the many rides you guys gave me years ago and several fireworks displays from the Cobras up in Pleiku. My granddaughter is in Civil Air Patrol and you guys added fuel to her desire to fly. --- Barry M.

--Atlanta Air Show & 190th Assault Helicopter Company Veterans Reunion 10-15-17
Thank you again for your help and kindness! We had a wonderful time and being on the Huey along with Vietnam Veterans an honor! My dad served in that war as well as the Korean War. We had an amazing time while in Henry County, Georgia. ---Helen L.

--Atlanta Air Show 10-14-17
My son, Davis, and I were privileged to go for a ride in a Huey after the 1st ever Atlanta Air Show at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was his 21st birthday and the helicopter ride topped the day off for both of us. As we were making sweeping turns and maneuvers over the lakes and forests of Georgia it became sobering to look around and imagine what it must have been like during combat. We can't thank you enough for the experience we had. And thank you, all you Vets who lived it out, for real. Deep respect. ---Dave S.

--Wings Over North Georgia Airshow
I loved every second of my ride on the Huey. I sat in outside seat - thought it might be a little scary but I was just in awe and wasn't the least bit nervous. Thanks for the experience and above all - thanks for your service. ---D. Cox

--BSA Fall Camporee
Thank you so much for coming out to our BSA Fall Camporee! It was by far the biggest hit! The boys where so attentive in everything Mr. Mike had to say! Thanks for making so many lasting memories. ---Todd

--Crossville, TN. Air Show on 9/30/17
It was my privilege to work as a volunteer at the with the Legacy Team. What a great group/team of Vets who provide a wonderful program/service to communities across the USA. I thank you very much for your service and hope to work with you next year. Becoming a member is my way of supporting your program. --- W. Cahill

--Huey "Lucky Star"
My husband served ten years in the Army and had never flown on anything like this before so we thought we would give it a go. The people running this have a true love for what they do. It showed in everything they did. We had the best time on our ride. They even did some combat flying, it was a treat to be able to fly in history. We will do it again when we get the chance. Wonderful and outstanding staff. ---C. Grimsley

--Owensboro Air Show
For my helicopter experience, I'd like to thank my longtime friend, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Fred Edwards. Through his most gracious invitation, I was privileged to spend time with him and several distinguished Vietnam Veterans. What an incredible honor. Not only did I enjoy a ride in the Huey, I met some amazing Americans. I can't begin to express my sincere gratitude for a most humbling experience. I want to thank this organization for allowing me to share in this most amazing day. Thanks to Fred and all the volunteers....job well done, and.....may God bless you all.

--Amazing Americans
I was privileged to spend time with my long time friend, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Fred Edwards, and several distinguished Vietnam vets. What an incredible honor. Not only did I enjoy a ride in the Huey, I met some amazing Americans. I can't begin to express my sincere gratitude for a most humbling experience. I want to thank this organization for allowing me to share in this most amazing day. Thanks to Fred and all his volunteers. Job well done, and may God bless you all. ---Wayne R.

--I Will Forever Remember
What an experience!! I never had a chance to fly in a Huey in Vietnam. Then it happened. ... I first must acknowledge that Operations Team, Fred and Allie, along with a collection of volunteers made this event so exciting!! I can't say enough of how the volunteers make this all happen! The Huey ride was very exciting! Then the Cobra, with all of its flight maneuvers, was a thing I'll never forget! The thrill of being a gunner was an experience that I'll forever remember. Colonel Holland added so much to the flight as he spoke just like we were on a legitimate mission!!! It took me four years to finally get from Pennsylvania down there to complete my mission!! My Vietnam buddy, Dave, flew a great distance from Washington State so we could reunite. I hadn't seen Dave since March 1971, when we both came home from Nam. Both of us will never be able to adequately say - What a helluva great time it was at the "LZ"!! Thanks to all! I just may do this again in the new year. Thanks so much for what all you guys do to make this a very memorable experience! ---Don S.

--Opportunity of a Lifetime
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity to fulfill a wish that I've had for a very long time... To ride in a helicopter!! It was AMAZING! I got to experience the thrill with my daughter, so that is something that we will have to talk about for many years to come. Again, I say thank you to everyone that made that ride possible. Because of men and women like you, that have served in our armed forces and fought for our country, we have the freedom to enjoy the little things in life. Again, I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. GOD BLESS. ---Bonnie P.

--Huey Flight
We came, we rode (flew), we loved it! We want to say one more time THANKS to your members for their service and willingness to share their experiences. Their example was a brilliant lesson to my grandsons; they noticed and the impressions run deep. Thanks gentlemen and ladies! ---Steve

--Dayton Air Show
My friend took me on the Huey at the Dayton Air Show and it was too amazing for words. The experience was once in a lifetime and I have to say it was incredible to be able to feel the pilot had such control. It was my first time on a helicopter and the fact that it is a piece of history, and I sat where those soldiers sat but saw a very different view, is humbling beyond imagination. Thank you so much for everything. ---Carrie L

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your time and conversation with my Dad and Uncle today. They and my mom had the experience of a lifetime. This is something they have always wanted to do. If I didn't mention it to you, a ride in a helicopter was one thing they vowed to do during one of my Uncle's chemo treatments for when my dad recovered from his surgery and he was cancer free. Everyone today was AWESOME! Thanks again and again!!! ---R. Welch

--#1 On the Bucket List
While serving in the Army during the Vietnam War in 1965 my father was wounded and medevac’d on a Huey. My mother would bring this up on occasions during airings of M.A.S.H.. She would also comment about how she wished she had served and flew on a Huey. Thankfully I stumbled across this site while searching for the possibility of making this happen. This was supposed to be a surprise, as far as my mother was concerned, we just stumbled across the hanger during our trip to Florida. She was excited to see the Huey up close and teared up when she learned there was a “possibility” of actually going up in one. We went through the whole process of signing forms and setting up flights “just in case she was able to load up”. She did in fact go aboard, surprised by the fact because she went up with the first group! Ecstatic is the word to describe what I say when she disembarked! Number one on the Bucket List checked off! I need to say thank you to the whole crew, especially Ms. Allie for making this happen. From the time we entered the hanger until my mother climbed on the Huey, everyone was very willing to play along and make this a surprise. To a very friendly, courteous and professional group of individuals, Bravo Zulu and Semper Fi! ---K. Crickmore

--Cobra Ride at Dayton:
When I was 10, my family went to the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox, KY. Inside the gift shop was a model of the AH-1 Cobra gunship. I managed to talk my Dad into purchasing it for me and since that day, I have dreamed of flying in a Cobra. My wife and kids pooled their money together and bought me my dream flight at the Dayton Air Show. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was amazing and I am still on cloud 9 thinking about it. Thank you for making this possible. I will never forget the experience.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Erik, 6-24-17:
Awesome! The whole crew was fantastic. This is the second time I've gone up with my 13 year old niece, Sky. Besides a flight in a buddy's ultralight those are her only flight experiences. I imagine that when she flies commercial, she'll find it boring. You guys keep coming, we'll keep flying. :D

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Scott, 6-25-17:
Just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that your organization runs a top-notch show. I took two of my grandkids on our first flight on the UH1. Completely awesome! Thank you to both you and the staff at the air show for the excellent ride, service and all around fun! Thanks again. A return customer for sure!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Jessica, 6-25-17:
What an amazing, thrilling ride it was! The staff was wonderful as well. Thank you for keeping this history alive. Riding today makes me even more amazed at what our military does for us. Thank you!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Randy 6/24/17:
Took the Huey flight with my 4-year-old son and 12-year-old grandson today it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Shelly 6/24/17:
Yesterday at the Vectren Dayton Airshow my boyfriend and I did a Huey ride along. It was my first time EVER being in a helicopter of any kind. We were seated in the door gunners side, so I had a view of the outside world the whole time. From start to finish of the journey, the crew and all personnel were amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience and to top it off, I had fun! Thanks for the chance to see a side of military history that not everyone gets to see. Also, thank you to all the crew and other personnel for their service and for all the information and history shared.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Mike 6/24/17:
Flown with these guys twice had a blast both times and everyone was super nice, fun for the whole family.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Marion 6/24/17:
I have spent several years as a crew chief on this wonderful aircraft in many army units. It takes a special breed to enjoy it. I want to thank the men and women who brought the aircraft to the Dayton air show June 24-25. It was very emotional to see them still in the air. Your group rewound the clock for me for a few minutes. All I can say is thank you and be safe.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Chris 6/24/17
Rode with you guys last summer in the Huey at Port Clinton, Ohio. Please come back sometime. I purchased one of your ball caps and wear it most the time. Love what you guys and gals are doing! 😉👍

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Bev 6/24/17
Can hardly wait to ride with you again at the Monroe air show! Thank you so much for keeping them in the air!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Kelly 6/24/17
If you get a chance to fly with these guys, DO IT! Nothing else like it.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Pancho 6/25/17
I took my 13-year-old son and his friend on Huey load #7 Saturday. They both were wide eyed and got to experience living history in unique and sensory overloading ways. They enjoyed it very much (almost as much as me), and are still talking about it. It was money well spent with a first-class organization; please keep up the good work!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Dave 6/25/17
Great Huey ride with my son. I have got to save up for Cobra next time!!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Pete, 6-25-17:
I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I am for the opportunity to ride in the AH-1F Cobra today with my father. Your staff was genuinely excited when I walked up and said I had been planning on this trip for 8 years and finally saved up the extra cash to make the flight. They went above and beyond to help make the dream really come true when they helped my dad into the aircraft and shared the experience with me today. You guys rock and he is so thankful too. Strong work! God Bless!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Dave, 6-25-17
It was so awesome. I loved​ it! This was a late Father's Day gift from my son-in-law. I will tell all my friends​ to try this. I want to thank everyone of you for your service. I give this show a thumbs up and salute you. God bless you all.

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Penny, 6-25-17:
IT WAS AMAZING!! Admittedly, I have a fear of heights and grabbed the metal bar on the seat as soon as we started going up. As we continued to go up and bank, my eyes got as big as saucers I'm sure. Although I knew I was safe with the pilot in charge, I still had "white knuckles" for the entire flight. I would fly again in a heartbeat. Thank you for your service and continued help in educating people. Thank you again for a wonderful time!

--Vectron-Dayton Air Show 2017, Nik, 6-26-17:
I just wanted to say thank you for your service to everyone; it's not said nearly enough. You guys truly are amazing heroes and the Huey ride was awesome. Thank you. Everyone was very nice and a special thanks to our pilot for letting my son know when the drops were coming. My husband and other son loved the Cobra rides also.

--Trail of Honor Event, Jackson, MS
Oh my goodness, this was a life event!!! The level of professionalism made the (Huey) ride an incredible experience. To actually sit in the seat and see what our dedicated military does for all of us is truly humbling. These folks literally perch in harm's way to protect and defend us. Thank you for this opportunity to experience a tiny glimpse into military life. We are blessed beyond measure by you. May no one forget the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. Thank you again for letting us see fun in your job!!! The Perkins

--Beaufort Air Show
A big thank you to all of the veterans and volunteers at the Beaufort Air Show on 29 April 17. The Huey ride was amazing and awesome... unforgettable. My uncle was a machine gunner on the Hueys during his two tours in Vietnam. My dad was KIA in Vietnam 5 June 1965--Sgt. Hugh J. Sullivan Jr., USMC, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, C Company. I was 4 months old. I know my dad was smiling and flying with me last Saturday. Thank you all. I will take another ride at the next Beaufort Air Show. God Bless and Semper Fi.

--Huey Ride
We had amazing time riding in the Huey. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We can't wait to come back and ride in the Cobra. J. Kennedy

--AAHF Hangar Tour
Today was Awesome!!! My 10 family members who went up on a Huey ride absolutely loved it. Everyone at AAHF made Wayne's 70th birthday so special. We all can't thank you enough. We are recommending you to everyone ! What a grand day it was. I hope you all keep up the good work !!! Mitzi

--Huey Ride
When I was in the Army from 1962 to 1965, I was with the 101st Airborne Division, 327th Infantry Battalion, "Above the Rest", which later became 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion 327th, HHQ Co., 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, KY. During that time, one of the aircraft that we jumped from were Huey's. They have a distinct sound, different from other helicopters. It is a workhorse and I even sky dived from them. It had been 52 years since I had been on a UH-1. As we lifted off, I remember that at times we would sit on the edge with our feet hanging out. I also remembered when we "jumped" the HUEY, the "prop blast" was downward unlike an airplane. It was a treat, as I felt young again, as my mind went back to that time so long ago. It took me back 55 years! Thanks.

--Lucky Star Ride
Not only was the ride up to your organization's high standards, but I also really enjoyed talking with the pilots and other staff after the ride! I absolutely loved all of the fantastic stories I heard, some of which are already featured on your website. Today's ride, however, was a very special day for me and my cousin and her son. They lost their husband and father a couple of years ago, and getting them out there for today's show and especially the ride on "Lucky Star" had a very positive impact on their lives, and it did me good to see them so happy and truly enjoying themselves. I go to the Thunder in the Valley Air Show in Columbus, GA every year, and every year, I take a ride on the beloved Huey. It was extremely gratifying to be able to share my passion with them, and I can't say how much I appreciate you guys and gals for making it happen!

--Air Show Ride
We went to the air show today knowing that they were offering Huey flights. I thought I’d like to ride. Well, I am very glad that we decided to! My daddy & I went up. It was both of our first time in a helicopter. I have always had the utmost respect for our service men & women! Especially Vietnam Vets (I guess maybe because they didn`t get a very warm welcome when they returned home)! Well, we were not disappointed at all! From the ground crew telling us stories from Vietnam and about other people’s flights, to the pilot and the awesome flight he took us on!! For just a minute, we got a very small taste of what our guys must have felt all those years ago! It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and all of these guys do an excellent job bringing it to the public! Keep up the good work and keep those birds flying! And last but certainly not least, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE PAST & PRESENT THAT HAVE SERVED OUR COUNTRY!!!

-- Tico Air Show
Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of riding in both the Huey and Cobra helicopters during media day at the TICO Warbird Airshow. I was in awe! I enjoyed it so much that I wanted my daughters, ages 9 and 12, to experience it as well. We took the Huey ride at the airshow and they both will remember it for a long time. Thanks so much to the AAHF for giving us the opportunity to experience aircraft that have been so important in our country's history. A special thanks also to everyone involved in the flights; you are truly special people.

--Titusville (TICO) Air Show - 3/12/17
Jim B.
Having been born and raised U.S. Army (1958-1976) I have always been fascinated with all things military. This is the reason why I attend airshows which feature past and present military aviation. I suppose it has been 10 yrs. or so since my first UH-1 ride and it was just as much fun yesterday (my 5th ride) as was my first. The guys and gals that fly and support the Sky Soldiers Demonstration Team do such an outstanding job of keeping alive the memories of these warbirds by displaying a true love for what they do. My dad didn't fly helicopters when he was serving, but he was a patriot and proud to have served. I got the same feeling being around the Huey team yesterday, they are all patriots. I have told others of what you offer knowing there is nothing like it ANYWHERE! What a day and what a ride - Keep them flying Sky Soldiers!

--Civilian Huey & Cobra Ride - 1/14/17
Richard J Sitman, Sr.
I enjoyed my flight. The flight crews and other personnel volunteering that day were there to answer any questions I had about the history of the vehicles and the flight as to what to expect. I especially was impressed with all the information our pilot, Joe Wade, gave to me that day. Both my wife and myself rode the Huey and it was an experience we will never forget. I have a deep respect for those who flew in Vietnam. Kudos to everyone! A special thank you to Major (Ret) Allie Osuch, Operations Manager, for coordinating this event for us.

-- AAHF Atlanta Hangar - 1/14/17
Joe Watson
I was a crew chief in Vietnam for two years and have dealt with PTSD for too many years. With grave reservations my wife and I surprised our son and grandson (turning 16) with a Huey ride for their birthdays. I had NO intentions of strapping one on my back side EVER! Well, I was put in a position I could not say no. These men and women of the AAHF are fabulous. Not only was the ride great but being able to spend time, conversation and love with these brothers was something no amount of therapy can do. There were tears shed before, during and after the ride. The kids summed it up on the way home when they said this is the best birthday present ever and Grandpa, I will never forget this!!!!! AAHF, I will never forget this!!!!!!

​-- Personal Comment - 12/13/16
Joe Prince
The most professional group of patriotic men and women I have encountered since my retirement! Looking forward to my fourth flight! Signal out, can you identify? Thanks, jp

-- Warbirds Over Monroe - 11-13-16
Stefan Czerwinski
Hands down the most professional group of veterans and civilians I've met during one of these events. My nephew and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the Bell UH-1 Huey Iroquois. Making a hard decision not to serve my country in our military, I've wondered over the years what the experience would be like and it was all that I imagined. Thank you to the men and women of this foundation for providing us (civilians) an experience in to what it feels like to ride in one of these great aircraft and also...Thank you to my wife for allowing me the opportunity to mark off one on my bucket list.

-- Warbirds Over Monroe - 11-13-16
Brian Reynolds
Thanks to the vets and Huey crew! Took my 8 year old on his 1st Huey ride and my 1st in 30 years. What a blast! Job well done!

​-- Monroe Air Show - 11-13-16
David Patterson
My Grandson and I rode a Huey today at the Monroe Warriors and Warbirds Air Show and Salute to Veterans. Many things came to mind while riding. Many young men had their last ride on that machine and many saved the lives of countless others after they got off. I thank all who served for my freedom in the USA and the World. The ride was great and the whole crew was great.

-- November 6, 2016 - Stuart air show
Stephen Mayo
Had a fantastic , exhilarating ride. Over the Indian River, St.Lucie inlet. Fantastic view, overall great experience .

​-- 11/06/2016 - Stuart Air Show
Wendy Phelps
What an awesome experience. Every year I go to the airshow and take a ride in the Huey. I feel such a sense of pride just looking at it, and meeting all of our veterans. Thank you veterans for your service and thank you for an experience that will last a lifetime

-- 11/5/16 - Stuart Air Show
Marc Collette
Thanks for having the show here in Stuart, FL! We had a great time and the guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. It was nice hearing their stories, and the helicopter rides were awesome! Look forward to next year!

-- 11/5/16 - Stuart Air Show
Todd Grossman
I brought my 7 year old son and 73 year old dad to the airshow and bought a Huey ride for us. My dad is a veteran of the US Army and USCG and a 38-year law enforcement officer. It was a treat to share that awesome experience with him and my son. Your crew was excellent, humorous and personable. In a random accident, my dad bumped his head, causing a nasty scrape. Your crew responded with such care and concern. It was more than just concern for liability,but actual compassion for a customer and fellow veteran. I loved it. My boy loved it, and we will definitely see you at the next show!

-- November 5, 2016 - Stuart Air Show
Thomas Mullin
Today my brothers and mom went to The Stuart Airshow. My brother Tommy and my Mom who is 74 years old got the chance to take a helicopter ride on the Huey 354 aircraft. This was one of those moments you will always look back on and remember what an incredible experience we had together. The thrill of flying in this machine and watching the joy of everyone made it a special day for all. The staff and volunteers were great with explanation of instruction as well as funny and friendly. Thanks to all of you for giving my family a moment to have fun and build another special memory. The ride was priceless and we are very blessed to have you providing these services to the public!

-- October 30, 2016 - Wings Over North Georgia
Robert Sanderson
Discovered the Wings Over North Georgia (WONG) Air Show via Periscope showing the Thunderbirds arriving at Dobbins, AFB, researching Thunderbirds 2016 shows, seeing Rome, GA listed, to discovering WONG, to seeing that Army Aviation Heritage Foundation was giving rides on the Huey and the Cobra. I was privileged to have had my first ride approximately 5 years ago in Tuscaloosa, AL. I could not wait to take my 9 year old son on his first helicopter ride. My wife, son, and myself had an incredible ride. We were on the first ride of the day. That is all he could talk about the rest of the day. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to experience this again. Hope to ride in the future.

-- 10/30/16 - Wings Over North Georgia
Tucker Langford
Absolutely wonderful! Really brought history to life. Even if I didn't personally fly in the aircraft, they provide an amazing atmosphere just by being there. Hearing the distinct sound of a Huey is an amazing thing to experience, as well as getting the unique opportunity to fly in a peice of history.

-- 10/15/16 - Visit to AAHF headquarters
Steve Kirsch
My good friend, Paul Rizzo, has always told me that flying in a Huey was on the top of his "bucket list". When he turned 60 this past weekend, I was able to arrange that ride for him with Fred Edwards and the AAHF. Paul's brother, WO1 John Rizzo, was killed in action while flying a Huey in Vietnam on January 14, 1970. This was our way of honoring John and fulfilling Paul's dream. We had great weather and a great flight! The folks at the AAHF could not have been more welcoming and we will never forget the experience.

-- Henry County Convention and Visitors Bureau shoot
Craig Miller - Craig Miller Productions
I wanted to send a personal Thank You note for your time during our Henry County Convention and Visitors Bureau shoot. It was a successful shoot and we’re particularly Thankful for your assistance and access. Also you made it memorable and fun by giving Alex a ride. We also found the Henry County Area inviting and very friendly. Not to mention all the amazing things to do that an entire family can enjoy. All the locations we visited were very accommodating and many people helped to gather talent, feed and house us, and went out of the way to make the shoot great. The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation is an exceptional experience. Thanks again for all your hospitality and please call us if we can ever be of assistance.

-- Sept 17, 2016 - Lawrenceburg, TN Fly In
Addie Ferland
I have never flown in a helicopter before, but have wanted to for some time. Thanks to the Army Avocation Heritage Foundation, I was able to have my ride in a helicopter yesterday. It was just awesome!! A little scary, but in a good way!! Every one of the people putting on the event were the greatest!! Thank you again!!

-- 17 Sept 2016 - Lawrenceburg, TN Fly In
Kenny Belew
We had a great flight; it was my Uncles first flight in a helicopter and we had a blast. The crew was awesome, ground crew as well, as flight crews were top notch. Very informative and helpful and we even got a great picture of our family home that is located next to the airport. Highly recommend if you get a chance to go for a ride with this great group of guys, do it!

-- September 10, 2016 - Crossville TN air show
Judy Henke
First time in a Huey! Should be named WOOO WEEE! Thought I was afraid of heights BUT THIS WAS SOOOOOOO AWESOME! And riding "gunner" put me at the edge, so to speak. Three months shy of 70 and I'd do it again. Makes me sorry I didn't sign up 50 years ago. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!